Large Blue Badge Protector (Accommodates the new integrated plastic wallets)

Blue Badge Protector

Regular price £36.95

For customers, recently issued with new Blue Badges. 

This protector can secure the complete Blue Badge, Timer Clock in their plastic holder as one.  (as seen in image).


Protect your blue badge while parked.

  • Avoid theft
  • Lock to the steering wheel
  • Avoid having window smashed in and having to cover the costs
  • Display badge while parked
  • Don't wait up to 8 weeks for a replacement

Timer clock and Blue Badge NOT included.


All protectors are made in the UK and are a steel based sleeve with a clear perspex slide cover.  The cable with the protector is a flat (non-curly & non-tension cable) that is 1.2 metre in length with two keys.

For cars with a wide gap between the steering wheel and dashboard, an additional 1.2 metre cable can be purchased.

This Protector enables the new Blue Badge with the Integrated plastic clock to fit in as a whole.  

Save money plus free postage and upgrade this Protector order to the bundle pack that includes;

Starter Pack: Protector plus, NKS Key(£4.49), £18 Voucher for a choice of a Blue Badge holder and 2 Blue Badge car stickers (£5) for an additional £17.20 includes free postage or the 

Traveller Pack: Protector plus starter pack (as above) plus a London (£6.99) and National Pie Guide Atlas (£9.99) for Blue Badge Parking for an additional £27.20 includes free postage.


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