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Author: Larry T

I once had my car broken into for the blue badge. Your Badge Protector provides that extra level of security, protecting the badge, my car, and my insurance premiums.

Author: John M

Very happy to have one of these. I had a badge stolen before and it was not a nice feeling..Its great to have the piece of mind that i won"t need to go through that again.

 Author: Joe Hankey

It's a great idea as I was always worried, when I left the car parked, not only that my blue badge might be stolen, but that my car may be damaged in the process. Now I am no longer worried. 

Author: Mr W

Excellent, just what we needed to reassure us about leaving the Blue Badge out in the car all night.

Author: Eronica E

After having my blue badge stolen from my car, this protector is ideal. The metal core running thro the rubber coil that fits thro the steering wheel is a deterrent to any would-be thief in the future.

Author: John P

Excellent, very good quality, also works on my motor bike 🚲 ensuring that I can use my blue badge.

Author: Heather

Put my mind at rest. We take our dog everywhere with us which means leaving the windows open on hot days now I secure the badge with the protector and don't have to worry.about someone trying to get it out. I worried about anyone with a stick leaning over and get it to where they could reach it. 

Author: Sharon D

"I have had my blue badge stolen and my car window broken, so this was the ideal thing to use and it has proved to be a great purchase, I no longer have to worry about it happening again."

Author: Jim Armour

Stop people from nicking blue badges and the only improvement I could see would be to make it waterproof for those of us who are disabled led and on motorbikes or Trikes in my case!

Author: toddy

i had a very excellent response from your sale staff /came on time/ was the best thing I can say is so easy to fit to my car , used it on Tuesday in QEQM Hospital disabled car park slipped it on my dash and we were away to appointment, when we got back to car I removed it without any trouble no worries now thank you all my wife love it. 

Author: Kathleen D

 "I ordered this Blue Badge Protector as my car was broken into and my previous Blue Badge was stolen. I have purchased the Blue Badge Protector, it is strong and my badge is safe now." 

Author: Nigel

I ordered the above product on Friday 27th July 2017 and received it well packaged Monday 31 July, tried it on my car and found that this is the perfect deterrent to those who may be tempted to break in and steal it, more often than not they would, on seeing the badge securely fastened in this holder, carry on and look for an easier target!! For the price, it is much cheaper than having to pay out for a new side window let alone the fact of the inconvenience of losing your Blue Badge until obtaining a replacement one. I am extremely pleased with the quick and prompt service I was given and would definitely advise Blue Badge Holders to buy one.

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