what we do

We are a British company with products manufactured locally in the UK.
Our mission is help stop thieves from targeting disabled people.
Blue Badge Protectors have been promoted by the Metropolitan Police to help reduce Blue Badge theft for more than 7 years.
People using the blue badge protector are less likely to have the inconvenience of having their car broken into for the badge as the Protector is a visible deterrent. Thousands of Blue Badges are stolen from parked cars every year. and this figure appears to be rising with time.
The initial break-in causes great distress, and it can then take up to six weeks to replace disabled badges, during which time owners are seriously compromised when parking. In the long term, we hope that this will benefit both blue badge holders and councils who up until now have spent lime and money reissuing stolen badges.
The Blue Badge Protector is a simple deterrent and provides effective security for all badge holders:

• Badges are locked into a rigid protector sleeve

• Flexible, sturdy lock attaches to the steering wheel

• Visible deterrent saves the mess, distress and expense of a break-in

• Single (for the badge) or Double (for the badge and clock) protectors available