Single Blue Badge Protector

Blue Badge Protector

Regular price £24.95

Single Protectors secure your Blue Badge from theft!

Where appropriate, the time clock needs to be displayed with this unit.

Protect your blue badge while parked.

  •  Avoid theft
  •  Lock to the steering wheel
  •  Avoid having a window smashed in and having to cover the cost
  •  Display badge while parked.
  • Don't wait up to 8 weeks for a replacement

A one-off purchase can protect your Blue Badge for life! Our products have been developed over 10 years using the best quality materials, do not accept any imitations!


All protectors are made in the UK and are a steel based sleeve with a clear perspex slide cover.  The cable with the protector is a flat (non-curly & non-tension cable) that is 1.2 metre in length with two keys.

Blue Badge not included.


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