Video Contest - win £25

Alina Maria Miron

Video Contest for Use of Blue Badge Protector

We have opened a video contest to record 'How to use your Blue Badge Protector.  The winning video/s will receive £25 (Paypal cash, or Voucher from M&S or Amazon or donate to Charity of choose).  

We are looking for a video that will help show and explain how to set up and use the Protector.  The shorter the video the better, so concise and clear commentary will work well.

Just use your phone camera or a digital camera.  So hopefully easy and quick enough to do in one take!

Just record it and then forward it directly to  If the file is too big you can use  it is free and quick to send.

Another Video Entry is for interviews on Blue Badge Theft - a gift of £25 for each successful entry.

We have spoken to so many Blue Badge Holders about their experiences of Blue Badge theft and we want to capture these stories and share them with the community.  So we have an open video entry to record an interview if you have experienced Blue Badge theft.  If you have a story to tell about Blue Badge theft please record a short interview/story. You can cover; what happened, where it happened, how you felt, what happened next etc. Please aim to keep video story short as possible. 

We have an open video entry to record an interview if you have experienced Blue Badge theft.  Record a video interview it can cover; what happened, where it happened, video of car/damage, how you felt, what happened next etc. 

All qualified and accepted entries will receive a gift of £25 (Paypal cash, or Voucher from M&S or Amazon or donation to your Charity of choose).  

Just send these video clips to  If the file is too big you can use  it is free and quick to send.

Good luck we look forward to your entries. 

Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions (T's&C’s) are for the 'Blue Badge Protector video submissions. The final date for consideration of any submissions is Wednesday 30th August 2017. These T&C’s set out the legal rules applicable to video submission to Blue Badge Protector Limited (BBP), a company with its registered address at 68 Mayford Road, London SW12 8SN.     The submission period runs from Friday 11th August 2017 to Wednesday 30th August 2017 at 11.59pm.  More than one entry per person is acceptable.  BBP does not accept any responsibility for late or lost entries for any reason or cause whatsoever. Proof of sending is not proof of receipt. 
All video submitted grant to BBP permission to the Video as provided below, and hereby waive any right to receive any further compensation except for the winning prize money of no greater than £25 for its use.
The maximum number of gifts awarded for winning submission in this content is 10.
All submissions grant to BBP the full term of copyright and all extensions thereof, the full and exclusive rights comprised in the Video and any revised versions of the Video, including but not limited to the right, throughout the world, to record, transmit, copy, broadcast, print, publish, republish, and distribute the Video, including as part of an online broadcast (meaning a recording) made available for viewing and/or listening on demand via a legitimate video/media sharing website, and to prepare, publish, and distribute derivative works based on the Video, in English and in other languages, in all media of expression now known or later developed, and to license or permit others to do so.
BBP shall have no obligation to use the Video or to submit any uses of the Video and BBP have the right and permission to edit the Video.
All submissions are warranted and represent that the Video is original work.  If any excerpts from works protected by copyright owned by third parties are included in the Video, you have obtained permission from the copyright owners for all uses. You also warrant that your contribution contains no libellous or unlawful statements, does not infringe on the right or privacy of others, and does not include material or instructions that might cause harm or offence.
These terms shall be governed by, construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of England and Wales and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

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