Staying sane in isolation - My top 10

Caroline Overton

With so many people now self isolating for so many different reasons, I wanted to share with you all some ways in which you can help yourself stay sane during the days ahead. So here’s my top ten ways to stay sane. There’s no denying that it will be hard at times but I hope some of these ideas will help relieve some of the stress. 

  1. Rest.

Take this time to rest and catch up on sleep. Accept what you cannot change or do right now and take the opportunity to unwind from your normal ‘timetable’. Get a good night’s sleep (approximately 8 hours but what you need does vary from individual to individual) and a short nap is great too, but make sure you don’t overdo it as too much sleep can be harmful to your morale and make you more withdrawn.

  1. Read a book.

As a family we all love reading so dedicating a bit more time to this will help us forget the real world concerns, even for an hour. Reading is very therapeutic so why not re-read something you’ve read before on holiday (perhaps helping to conjure up memories of a holiday) or find a new title that can be delivered to your door. Be sure to share your recommendations with family and friends too!

  1. Use your technology for good.

We are far better connected that ever through our electronic devices these days so make good use of Facetime or messenger video to not only hear a friendly voice but to see a friendly face too. Create a family WhatsApp group and share photos of what you’re getting up to whilst in isolation. Keep in touch via Social media channels like Facebook and Instagram, but if you think you’re spending too much time on them limit it to an hour or two during the day at a set time that suits you best.

  1. Get on top of things.

The idea of having to stay home for a long period of time is a real thought, but it’s also an opportunity to get on top of all those pesky little tasks that get saved for later. We’ve bought lots of seeds to sow inside, watching their progress over the coming weeks will exciting. If that’s not your thing why not make a list of the DIY still to be done that you can accomplish on your own? Wobbly cupboard handle, squeaky door hinge, that stain on the wall that needs painting over or whatever that might be in your home!

  1. Retail Therapy.

I appreciate many of us will be watching our budgets right now but you will also be saving money on that takeaway coffee or trip out. Why not buy something to brighten your day? Maybe some craft materials, a bunch of flowers by post or an audio book to sit back and enjoy. Just be sure to use a delivery service and if ti’s too big for your postbox and you’re self-isolating because of the Corona Virus, make them leave it on the doorstep or in a safe place for you to collect it from to limit interaction.

  1. Feng Shui your room.

Or if that’s not your thing why not just re-arrange your living room or move the furniture around in your bedroom for a change. You never know, the view from that chair if you move it nearer the window might be great. Have a think about what you can do to organise the area you will be confined to. Why not tackle the out-of-control Tupperware drawer (we all have one right?!) or sort through the out-of-date toiletries and medicines lurking in the back of the bathroom cupboard. Being productive in this way will give you a sense of achievement and satisfaction.

  1. Move.

Clearly I don’t mean a house move but rather keep your body moving. We might not all be able to dance along to our favourite tunes, but be sure you include some appropriate exercise whilst in isolation. Find some upbeat music and get moving however that may be. There are many fitness videos available on You Tube or Amazon Prime that you can join in with too.

  1. Get creative.

The parents reading this will be thinking slime and glitter bombs and being creative might not be everyone’s ‘cup of tea’ but studies do present evidence that when we are most bored we are at our most creative! So pick up a pen and write a poem, draw the first place you’ll visit when this has all passed, re-mix your favourite song or make something with clay. Any materials you need you can buy online and there are many videos and tutorials available online if you’re not sure where to start. And don’t forget to share your results with family and friends as it might inspire them and you’ll all enjoy each others masterpieces.

  1. Listen In.

Research shows that listening to music can make you feel more connected. When you get up in the morning, pop on your favourite radio station, or if that’s got too many news interludes, find an old playlist or CD to have on in the background whilst you go about your day.

  1. Focus on the future.

For many of us immediate and short term plans have had to be cancelled or postponed but it’s key to remember that this isn’t going to be forever. Try and re-focus on plans you can be making for next year, take the time to do some research on travel. Why not take the opportunity to improve your career prospects and take an online or distant learning course. Whatever excites you, get it in the diary for next year and have something to look forward to when this all passes, because this will pass.


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