Caroline Overton

No, not we're not selling balloons (let's face it no one wants a sack full of someones breath right now!) but we are using the image to show you we're celebrating the introduction of our Winter Warmer Packs.

Last Winter our bundles sold out in just weeks so this year we've decided to introduce 2 new Winter Warmer gift packs for the coming season. Priced affordably and with best value in mind our Winter Warmers make excellent Christmas gifts for any Blue Badge holder. The main product is a choice of either our Single or Double Blue Badge Protectors that secure your Blue Badge from theft by securing it in a metal display case that attaches to your steering wheel. Also included in the gift pack:

Unisex Blue Winter Beanie with a turn up hem for cosy ears.

Large handled Ice Scraper for ease of handling & keeping your windscreen clear.

NKS Radar Key for access to over 15,000 locked accessible toilets throughout the UK.

Our Single Edition is shown below, is £29.95 and can be ordered HERE:

Looking to secure your Blue Badge and your Timer Clock from theft at the same time? Here is our Double Edition, priced at £39.95 and available to order HERE:

Limited number available. Whilst stocks last.

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