Love for Local Lui

Caroline Overton

When Lui got in touch and asked if he could buy some Blue Badge Protectors to distribute to his local community we were warmed by his commitment and compassion. We asked him how he became aware of the issue of Blue Badge theft and he told us that he, “noticed there had been a major spike of thefts locally within The last 12-15 months.” He was driven to action when a gentleman in his 90’s with cancer, living on the next road to Lui had his Blue Badge stolen and was absolutely distraught. Seeing the stress and mess of Blue Badge theft first hand, and so close to home Lui said it, “kick started me into action”.

Lui initially began offering the Blue Badge Protectors at a reduced rate around his local area in North London in person but has since launched a new website called  He has had a great response form Blue Badge holders and tells us that, “every customer is very thankful, it gives them that reassurance they need”. It offers great peace of mind to people to know their Blue Badges are safe.

Lui is one of the many people out there working hard to protect Blue Badge holders from theft and we’re delighted to announce him as our Stockist. Please find contact details for Lui and his new business below.

North London Protect




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