It's TIME to get this straight!

Caroline Overton

When we heard of a Blue Badge holder getting fined because their Timer Clock was so worn it was unreadable, we realised that for some Blue Badge holders in England and Wales it may have been a long time since your Timer Clock was issued. That fuelled our decision to include Timer Clocks with every Double Blue Badge Protector (shown below)

When you park on yellow lines or in other places where there is a time restriction, you need to display the blue timer clock to show your time of arrival. Our Timer clocks can be set using the dial, and can be increased in 15 minute increments as shown below.

If you need to use a Timer Clock, you must display it on the vehicle’s dashboard, so that the time can be seen clearly through the front windscreen.  By securing it alongside your Blue Badge in our protector you are improving the visibility of the Blue Badge and the Timer Clock, it will not flip, slide or move as you exit the vehicle. Keep your Blue Badge and Timer Clock safe from thieving hands and avoid the stress and mess fo theft. To view our collection please click HERE.

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