How much is a Blue Badge worth?

Caroline Overton

To you, a Blue Badge might be worth the fees involved with issue or renewal, such as doctor’s letter charges or postage. To some its value is more than monetary, and measured in the freedom and independence their Blue Badge affords them. To every Blue Badge holder it is worth having.


But what is your Blue Badge worth to a thief? If a thief steals your Blue Badge to use for him or herself, it will be to save themselves money on parking charges. Seems obvious right? But here’s why - Someone who parks in a city centre throughout the week could save more than £6,000 over 12 months. That is a huge saving and as the cost of living continues to rise is it really any wonder thefts of Blue Badges have quadrupled since 2012 and that thieves are finding Blue Badges so attractive? Additionally, did you know that your Blue Badge can be re-sold by a thief for up to £500? Leaving your Blue Badge unprotected from theft when parked is like leaving cash on your dash!


Of course, there is a responsibility for the Council and Police to address the matter of rising Blue Badge theft and The disability charity Scope is calling for the police and councils to ensure they are serving their disabled residents by cracking down on this abuse. However, until real action is taken to reduce Blue Badge theft you also have a responsibility to protect your Blue Badge from theft as it remains the property of your Local Authority at all times.


At Blue Badge Protector we have taken steps to provide a secure and affordable solution to Blue Badge theft from parked cars. Take a look at our range of products HERE and protect your Blue Badge and your independence today.


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