Blue Badge Expiry Extension Ending!

Caroline Overton

End of Blue Badge expiry extension: 30 September 2020

As a response to COVID-19, the Department for Transport and Local Authorities allowed you to continue using your badge if it had an expiry date between 1 January and 30 September 2020. However, this period will NOT be extended further, and you cannot use your expired badge after that date.

If your badge has expired - or is due to expire - please start the reapplication process as soon as you can to give your local authority time to process your application and make a decision. You can do this online HERE:

Applications can only be made online. If you can't do this yourself, and don't have anyone who can apply for you contact your Local Authority (Council) Blue Badge Team who will be able to advise/assist.

If you use an expired Blue Badge after 30th September 2020 you may receive a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) or other enforcement action.

Most Local Authorities no longer send out renewal notices and the renewal application /issue can take up to 12 weeks so be sure to note when yours expires and apply in plenty of time.

The charge for a Blue Badge is £10 in England and £20 in Scotland. It’s free in Wales. They usually last 3 years. We at Blue Badge Protector advise you to apply directly through the government website as there are scams that will charge you more to process your application. To avoid paying extra, apply directly through the government website -

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