Customer Reviews  of Blue Badge Protector

John from MS people UK - Nov 2006

I brought a Blue Badge Protector to keep my Blue Badge and the Clock safely attached to my car steering wheel to deter theives who smash side windows and grab badges (which can be sold for �500).

Having recieved it I must say I am quite impressed. It is stronger than I thought it would be. Its coated metal and the perspex window is 5mm thick. The lock is a plastic coated wire that wraps round the steering wheel and locks the perspex into the metal frame (and thus locks the badge in too).

It could be removed with bolt croppers but it would not be taken with a simple smash and grab.

Its not cheap but worth it if like me you don't want to worry about coming back to a broken car window and having to reapply for your badge.


Ingrid Callahan on Apr 19, 2016

Excellent - Product was exactly what I was looking for. Would definitely recommend.

Sofia on Apr 19, 2016

Great product - 5* Very useful for any blue badge owner

Ollie on Feb 15, 2016

Great find!  Simple but effective