Bundles -RADAR/NKS Key for accessible toilets

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Bundles -RADAR/NKS Key for accessible toilets

The New NKS (New Key Scheme)/RADAR keys are designed to encompass more users and allow ease of use.

The key feature includes:

* Extremely tactile

* Bow allows ease of use

* Disabled Logo

* National Key Scheme (NKS) identification

* Key Ring Hole

* Braille identification (NKS)

* Bright red bow

The NKS/RADAR scheme offers accessibility to over 7000 public, but locked, disabled toilets throughout the UK. Many of these toilet providers are asked to keep them open unless they are concerned about damage and misuse. All you need is one Key! Granting you the comfort of facilities while away from home.

All Keys ordered are shipped free of postage cost.


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